Zion Trip 2017

Boy Scout Troop 100 completed a 50 mile outing at Zion National Park during Spring Break of 2017. There were 15 people in the group and we took the trans Zion trek starting in the  South East corner of the park and finishing five days later at the far North  West corner of the park. On the morning of March 26 our group left the cars at Kolob Canyon Area Lees Pass and boarded shuttle vans that dropped us off at the East end of Zion. We started just around noon at the east entrance East Rim Trail head. For the first night we camped at the summit of the East Rim Trail (6,500 ft elevation 6 mile day). The next morning we started our descent on the Weeping Rock Trail. In the 1st mile we encountered a desert Big horn sheep on a cliff edge at the top of the East Rim. At the valley floor (4,500 ft elevation) we boarded the Zion shuttle that took us one stop south to the Grotto. This is where we began our climb up to Scout look out. A select group of scouts and parents went out on the precarious peninsula of Angels Landing

 ( 5,790 elevation). During the trek out they were caught in a thunderstorm. That evening we had to set up camp half way up the West Rim Trail due to the thunderstorm (9.3 mile day) The next morning we continued our ascent up the West Rim Trail. The evening of the third night we were meant to camp at Lava Point however we had to camp about four miles south due to the campground being snowed out. At the third night our elevation was approximately (7,500 feet 11 mile day) with some  snow on the ground. Brrr! The next day we passed Lava Pt. (7,890 ft elevation) and continued on the Wildcat  Canyon Trail connecting into the connector trail and then finishing out on the HopValley Trail for our longest day of 15 miles! Our last day was on the La Verkin Creek trail with a side hike to see the Kolob Arch and finishing at Lees Pass  (7.5 mile day 6,000 ft elevation) The entire trip was 52 miles. If you include the side hikes of Angels Landing and the Kolob Arch you are roughly in the 54 mile vicinity. We spent the night in Cedar City March 30 and woke up to 1 foot of snow on the ground the next morning.

Osprey Yurts and Tamarack

Boise Troop 100 Winter Sports Camp

February 2017

A favorite camp for the scouts and scouters of Boise Troop 100 is at the Osprey Yurts on Lake Cascade in Idaho.  With the scouts in one yurt and the scouters in another, everyone endeavors to stay warm and well fed so the following days efforts at earning the Winter Sports merit badge, at Tamarack Ski Resort, can be productive, safe, and a lot of fun.

Winter Camp 2016

Troop 100 drove up to Camp Morrison over the winter for our annual winter campout. the boys spent the entire day digging out caves from the piles of snow that amounted from the winters ridiculous amount of snow.






The Boys setting up their equipment                                          Parents preparing a tasty meal







Lots of snow to use                                                                          The Boys taking a break to eat







Scouts getting ready for bed after a long day of hard work

Kuna Rocket Camp December 2016

Troop 100 traveled to the Kuna for the weekend for the Space Exploration Merit Badge. The troop stayed in the Kuna Grange where they made their Rockets and learned about Space exploration. The troop hiked to Swan Falls to perform a conservation service project. The troop also picked weeds at the grange for an additional service project. The next day, the troop drove to Kuna High School to launch the rockets.

Troop 100 learning about space exploration

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Troop 100 Hikes to Saphire Lake

Oct. 6th.-9th.  Saphire Lake.

This was a ten mile outing which included encounters with various wildlife, snowfields, and some fantastic fishing.

Mr. Standal took some fantastic photos of the outing. It showed the troop hiking in some fantastic wilderness areas, fishing, evening campfires, and in general, the troop having fun. The photos of the wildlife encountered was even more spectacular.



































The photos have been posted on the troop website for all to see, and yes, they are as fantastic as Mr. Lunn described.


BSA Acquires Scoutbook!

Scoutbook BSA National Council Announces a Giant Cyber Step for the Scouting Program By Cody Christensen On Thursday, April 8, 2015, the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) National Council made the following public announcement.

The BSA is pleased to announce its acquisition of Scoutbook, a web application designed for mobile devices, which will expand our presence in the digital space and help us connect with our members when, where, and how they prefer. Scoutbook delivers a suite of easy-to-use Web-based tools that are helpful to both Scouts and unit leaders. It enables units to better communicate, update records, and manage activities. It can also be integrated with our membership system, simplifying the way our members can track their advancement throughout Scouting. As Scouters, unit leaders, and volunteers, you will now have mobile access to what’s happening across our organization and will be able track your Scouts’ progress in real time.  (“Scouting Goes Mobile with the Acquisition of Scoutbook,” 2015, n.p.)

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Hell’s Canyon Hike – 03/21-22/15

A recap of the Spring Break 2015 Hell’s Canyon Hike
by Mr. John Price
A contingent of Scouts and Scouters from Troop 100 spent 3-days in Hell’s Canyon covering approximately 20-miles in total. Originally planned as a 50-miler with a 20-miler option, due to various circumstances the 50-miler was dropped and we decided to keep it simple with a good 20-miler from Upper Pittsburg Landing to Kirkwood Ranch and a couple of day hikes to Carter Mansion and Suicide Point.
We met at the Cathedral of the Rockies at about 6:00am Saturday morning. With the SIC running late, departure was delayed until approximately 6:45. Eight Scouts and five Scouters made the drive from Boise to Pittsburg Landing in just over 4-hours. Included in the trip north was a stop at Roadhouse Java in New Meadows (the best coffee shop between Boise and Moscow) for some good eats and warm caffeinated beverages.

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Ski Trip @ Brundage Mountain, McCall, ID – 02/21-22/15

The February campout (21-22) was the ski trip to Brundage Mountain.  The troop spent the night at the lodge at Camp Morrison.  Mr. Lunn led the scouts in the Ski Sports merit badge.  SM Dr. Menzner helped scouts with beginning skills.  Mr. Lunn helped the scouts with skiing experience.  Everyone had a great time!

Caleb Christensen leans to ski at Brundage Mountain.
Caleb Christensen leans to ski at Brundage Mountain.

STEM Day @ Boise State University (BSU) – 02/07/15

Boise State University (BSU) holds an annual STEM Exploration Day.  This year, it was held on February 7, 2015.  BSU’s STEM related departments hosted the event.  Many Treasure Valley STEM clubs, chapters, companies, colleges, and enthusiasts helped to present a wide variety of workshops and demonstrations.  Here are a few examples of some of the workshops that were presented.

Ride a Segway
Taming the dragon (demonstration of SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation using Computational Fluid Dynamics)
Build a geyser
Avalanches, fires, and floods, oh my!! (avalanche table w/ flour, flood table, forest fire w/ matches)
Running on vegetable oil, green energy
Concrete canoe and steel bridge design
Wind tunnel and aerodesign
Shape memory alloy demonstration
Beyond the looking glass: seeing at the nanoscale
3D printer in action
An introduction to computer science using Scratch
Build a NASA heat shield
Build a solar cockroach robot.

Attending such STEM events helps the scouts earn the BSA NOVA Awards.  For more information on the NOVA Awards, visit the scouting.org/stem website.  NOVA Award Counselors: Mr. Baksheeff, Mr. Christensen.

BSU STEM Exploration Day

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Scout Sunday – 02/01/15

The twelfth value of the Scout Law states, “a scout is reverent.”  The Sunday before February 8 (Scouting Anniversary Day) every year is designated as Scout Sunday.  It is a day for the scout to live out the “reverent” value and raise awareness of the Scouting Program in the church congregation.  For Troop 100, we celebrated our 100th year with our chartered organization, Cathedral of the Rockies, Boise First United Methodist Church (717 N 11th St, Boise, ID 83702; 208-343-7511).  Mr. Lund, Chartered Organization Representative, and Scoutmaster Dr. Menzner presented Rev. Dr. Duane Anders, Senior Pastor, with a Boy Scout Uniform shirt with the Chaplin patch and a Troop 100 neckerchief.  SM Menzner was able to give a Scoutmaster minute that relayed gratitude to the church for its continual support of the troop and highlighted some of the benefits of scouting.

For more information on Scout Sunday, check out the scouting.org website.

2015.02.01_Scouting-ScoutSunday1 2015.02.01_Scouting-ScoutSunday2

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Patrol Leader Induction Ceremony – 01/19/15

During the regular troop meeting on January 19, 2014, SM Dr. Menzner inducted Sean Dwello as the Senior Patrol Leader (SPL).  SPL Dwello appointed Mason Standal as his Assistant Senior Patrol Leader (ASPL).  ASPL Standal led the Patrol Leader Induction Ceremony.

Troop #100 Leadership for Jan-Jul 2015 is as follows.

Troop Leadership

Senior Patrol Leader – Sean Dwello
Assistant Senior Patrol Leader – Mason Standal

Patrol Leadership

GUMBY – Luke McIntosh (PL), Jackson Rainey(APL), Peter Hunter(QM)
FOX – Matt Price (PL), Open (APL), Open; (QM)
CHEROKEE – Roger Moore (PL), Kyle Haught (APL), Josh Fritz (QM)
BLACK PANTHER – Jacob Lunn (PL), Grant McNamara (APL), Adam Bogatko (QM)
FLAMING ARROWS – Jackson Busch (PL), Riley Parr (APL), Sam Fritz(QM)
FALCON- Joe Nygaard (PL)

Other Troop Leadership Positions

Historian – Andrew Ream
Bugler – Open
Webmaster – Caleb Christensen
Assistant Chaplain – Henry Moore
Instructor – Michael Martello, Luke Martello, Riley Parr
Guide – Caleb Christensen
Scribe – Luke McIntosh
Librarian – Adam Bogatko
Leave No Trace Trainer – Open